The Man's art page

Welcome to my collection of all things whacky. Here you can see stuff I don't feature anywhere else as well as my completed works.

2008.10.06 I decided to add a few older pics to the finished art section as I rather liked them. 私はもう2つのアートワークを完成アートワーク部に追加しました。

2008.08.13 Most folks have already noticed but I updated my finished art work section. I removed all of my old works and put up only the most recent finished pics. 私のギャラリーをアップデートします。

2008.08.10 I've decided to reopen my main website while I make the changes to it. I have also added a bilingual front end for our Japanese patrons and hope to make it easier for them to access my site as I become more fluent in the Japanese language. I have also updated the links section with only one new link for now but expect more to follow.私は日本語をサイトと統合し始めるでしょう。

2006.10.08 I've finally returned from Iraq and I've added a few things. A new pic is up in the OC section and I posted a few sketches from the forums in the sketches section

2006.01.10 Added a new link to Sebastian's website and added in another work from Cally

2005.12.30 This is late in coming and I apologize. I've updated my finished artwork section and added in Cally's latest piece to her page

2005.10.29 I added a link to my new forums

2005.10.09 I added two new links to my page and a new pic in Cally's gallery

2005.10.01 I redid my gallery pages with thumbnails, added a gallery page for my friend Cally and a new link

2005.09.24 I added another friend to the art section and another work in progress to the sketch section

2005.09.19 I added a sketch I did the other night to the sketch section

2005.09.18 I changed a few things around to make it easier for viewers with lower resolutions to view the site

2005.09.13 I added a friends section and one friend to the list

2005.09.12 I added a new pic to the Open Canvas section

2005.09.10 I added the Open Canvas section to show off the skils of myself and friends with drawing tablets

2005.08.07 I added the Junk Art section and put one pic in there

2005.07.31 I added a new pic to the finished works section

2005.07.30 I added one new pic in the finished works section, one in the random section, and one in the sketches section. I also uploaded new pages for each of the finished works explaining them all a little further

2005.07.11 I added a new pic to the finished work section

2005.07.10 I added two new pics to the sketches section

2005.07.03 I added four more scribbles to the sketches section

2005.07.02 I added two small scribbles to the sketches section

2005.06.27 I added a new pic to my sketches section as well as a new section about my mask work

2005.06.15 I added three new sites to the links page

2005.04.24 I added two new files to the art section

2005.04.16 I added the "About me" section to the website

2005.04.10 I begin initial construction on this webpage